Thursday, February 26, 2015

Our Secret - Chapter 5

Kanon stared blankly, which makes Yukko furious.

"Like I said, why you didn't tell me Kanon-chan?", Yukko said half-shouted.

Kanon didn't reply instead, she looked away. Kanon's silence makes Yukko's boiling and started to cry. Yagami watched the whole scene did not dare to make a move. He knows that Yukko is hot-tempered.

After he told her about Kanon situation, Yukko was speechless. She started blabbering and crying for about an hour. Yagami listened to her though he knows that every single person in that cafe heard everything and at the end of their meeting he had to bow several times and apologize to the cafe manager for making such a scene in their cafe.

So, to summarize for this incident. At lunch time, Yukko rushed to Kanon's class without saying a word. She literally dragged the sleeping Kumi and Kanon to the rooftop. Kanon listened to Yukko and stayed silent. Kumi tried to make things calm but was silent by Yukko glare.

"I am sorry Yukko-chan, I don't want to trouble you with my problem. You always helped me and this time let me handle this problem myself."Kanon explained everything.

Yukko heard everything but that doesn't make her anger any calm. She grabbed Kumi by his shirt and shoved him in front of Kanon.

"Why did you tell him, this creepy otaku Kanon?"

Kumi gulped and looked at Kanon for help.

"Well, things happened Yukko-chan"Kanon grinned which make Yukko angry and smacked Kumi on his head.

Kanon and Kumi had to explain everything to Yukko

"So, things like that happen too. I thought that applies only in manga or movies."said Yukko while looking at both Kumi and Kanon. Kanon grinned at Yukko.

"Ne, Yukko-chan, please don't be angry at Kumi-kun, he helped me" said Kanon tugging Yukko's shirt. Yukko cannot resist Kanon's plead. She patted Kanon's head and hugged her. Kumi relieved and sighed. He thought he will be murder by this girl.

"I guess I'll go first. Takayanagi want me to do report for the school budget. See you" Kanon excused herself and ran to stair and left Yagami and Kinoshita alone.

"Don't expect me to approve you, Yagami." She glared at him and smirked.

"What are you trying to say?" he said and hold glasses.

"I don't trusted you yet. I had this feeling that you are up to something Yagami." She walked closer. She stared and pointed her finger at him. "If anything happen to Kanon, I swear I will kill you or else..."

"If you kill me, I will let my friend post this video on school web"

He showed a video on his iphone to Yukko. Yukko blushed and she gripped her punch. Yagami realised what that Yukko will do to him, he ran quickly, leaving Yukko screaming alone.

After school, Kumi and Kanon walking home together. Kumi hummed a song and walked slightly faster than Kanon. Kanon noticed. She walked faster to match his step. Kimi heard Kanon stomping, he held her hand. Kanon blushed and hold his hand.

"Well Kanon-chan, you better tell me about that Kinoshita girl. She really cares about you."Kumi said softly and remembering her reaction about her sleeping video that Kumi caught recently.

"She is my dear friend. She has a very big family and I don't to burden her with my problem." Kanon sighed and regret her action. Kumi understand.

"You can tell her now, can you? You've got me already, right?" Kumi looked at her and held her hand tighter to assured her.


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