Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Our Secret - Chapter 4

"Hello Yagami, I guess you've done your job very well right?"

"Sure ma'am, everything is just like your plan, when it is finish you will see."

"Confident are you? We'll see and one more thing Yagami, don't ever call me "ma'am" remember?"

"Sorry about that.....miss"

"I'll call you again"


"Do you guys realize, lately Kanon-chan been talking to that Yagami? I mean, its not that bad but its weird", said Kinchan while fixing her hair.

"Is that true? Kanon is cute but that Yagami is creepy, I don't know Kanon like that kind of guy" Akari said.

"I don't think that's the problem Kinchan, i\I think Kanon is in some kind of trouble. Maybe that Yagami is black mailing her."said Yukko.

Everyone in the school know Kinoshita Yukiko a.k.a Yukko. She is the school president. Her father is Japanese and her mother is Spanish. Despite being half, Yukko is a clever girl and a hard worker. Kanon is her rival in everything. Last year, Yukko signed up for the election of their student council. She hope that Kanon would sign up for the same thing so, they could compete. However, Kanon withdrew at the last minute, which make Yukko the President. 

"Who is this Yagami?"asked Yukko.

"Thats me."said Yagami who is just passing by the corridor.

"Whoa, you startled me!"said Kinchan who jumped out of shock.

"So, you are Yagami",said Yukko while holding her fist.


"Kumi, what time is your part-time job again?"asked Kanon half-shouted from her brother's room.

"Don't worry Kanon, it will be in another hour and it is nearby anyway"said Kumi.

It been three weeks since Kumi and Kanon found out about each other secret. Kumi often visit Kanon after school and weekends to hang out. Kanon talked to Kumi about his visits but Kumi will just smile and said,"Nobody would recognize me anyway"

After that, Kanon stopped her talking and ignored. She like Kumi hanging out at her house. She won't be alone again. There are times when they watched movies, studied together and making cakes. Although Kumi is a boy but he is very good with the house chores.

"Kanon, I think somebody is following us."

"Stop joking Kumi, what are you? A Yakuza? That must be your imagination."

"Yeah you are right. That must be my imagination only",said Kumi and peering to the curtain while watching a certain someone whose been following them since this afternoon.


"How long you've been following me?"

"Oh, you have realized that Yagami", said Yukko revealing herself behind the telephone booth.

"Didn't I make myself clear Kinoshita-san, we are just friend. That's that."said Kumi holding his anger.

"Well, I know that Yagami. I bet you forgot that I am the school president and you break the school rules Yagami. What are you doing in that club anyway? You are still underage you know. I have proof," 

Yukko chuckled and show a picture from her phone. Kumi was speechless. He didn't expect that coming.

"So, what do you want me to do?"Kumi said trying to play the strings.

"Well, I don't think you can do what I am about to say to you."Yukko said and placing her face near Kumi's. Kumi hold his breath.

"Seriously Yagami, you are pretty good-looking. Why do you dress like a creepy otaku at school? You will be popular among the girls."said Yukko and examining Kumi's face.

"Mind your own business Kinoshita-san"

"Like I said before Yagami,  if you don't want this picture to spread out I want you to stay away from Kanon."

Kumi looked at Yukko then smirked.

"We'll see about that Kinoshita-san."


"Kumi, you didn't come to my house or hang out. Are you sick?"asked Kanon at lunch.

It been three days since Kumi last come to her house. Honestly, Kanon felt lonely. Maybe he got problem or may found Kanon is too boring. Recent incident made Kanon believed, Kumi like her. 

However, Kanon doubted that fact. Kumi is mysterious. Somehow, she felt at ease when he is around.

"I am fine Kanon." Kumi said and left Kanon with questions


"Yagami, why do you want to see me huh?"said Yukko.

Yukka sat down and faced Kumi. Kumi didn't answer her. He shoved a big envelope on the table which gives Yukko a frown on her face.

"What is this? You gave me money? I don't take bribe Yagami",said Yukko while playing with her hair.

"Look inside and you'll know", Kumi said calmly.

Yukko didn't dare to ask question while Kumi is glaring at her. Quickly, she opened the envelope and she did not believe her eyes.

"How do you know about her?"said Yukko and slamming her hand the table. Fortunately, there are no customer around except a waiter running to their table asking about the ruckus. Kumi waved his hand signaling its okay.

"Why Kinoshita-san? Are you afraid that people will know?"

Yukko bit her lip.

"Are you afraid that, this picture will spread around the school?"

Yukko hold her tear.

"Are you afraid that, people will that you are in love with a girl?"

"Shut up Yagami" Yukko cried and tear the picture into pieces. Kumi expected that to happen. So, he showed a video in his iPhone, showing Yukko and a certain girl holding her hand and kissing her. Yukko was surprised.

"I hate you"

"Yeah whatever, if you didn't blackmail me, this won't happen."Kumi looked at Yukko wiping her tears which ruined her makeup. 

"Why did you hate me being friends with Kanon? Out of sudden, you just came to me and shouting my name in the corridor. Ordering me to stay away from Kanon. So, tell me."

Yukko sighed.

"You heard about the rivalry between me Kanon right. Well, that is true. Last year, we used to be best friends. We were very close even though we compete against each other in studies. Few months ago, we were not in the same class anymore. After that, we didn't talk much at school. I did ask her but she always said she is fine. I know she got problem. Recently Yagami, you are very closed with Kanon. What are you to her?"

"You said you used to be her best friends. Maybe Kanon knows that you likes girls and she is avoiding you,"said Kumi and smirked.

"No way, I cared about Kanon. She is like my little sister. If you know something, please tell me Yagami,"pleaded Yukko.


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