Friday, December 13, 2013

Our Secret - Chapter 2

“But.. how?” said Kanon.

 “Just so you know, I don't look like this normally”said Yagami and pointed his finger at his face.

“Yeah, normally you look very creepy and nerd. Almost like an otaku”

 So, that's what you people said about me behind my back.

 “Honestly Yagami, I don't recognize you at all. I mean, why are you pretending and disguising yourself. You have a pretty face. If you tied your hair this, people are going to notice you.A lot of girls will like you”

  “You see, I am in a....”

 Kanon's phone is beeping.

 “I am sorry Yagami, if you don't mind. If you're thirsty, you can drink something from the kitchen. I have things to do at the back.”Kanon said quickly. 

 “Wait, Kimoto-san, I had..”

 “Make yourself at home “shouted Kanon as she limped quickly to her brother's room. (Her ankle twisted remember) Kanon almost forgot about her brother. She quickly gave medicine to her brother and making sure that everything is in right place.

 You can call Kanon, a perfectionist. She did her work carefully and she is very hardworking. She got high marks in academics and physical education. Once, she got an offer from the student council as a runner-up for the upcoming student president but she declined it because of her personal problem. However, she did help the student council doing reports and other behind-the-scene stuffs. Well, what you expect from the honor student, Kanon handled them very well.

 “Kimoto-san, I have to go and thank you for your treat”said Yagami.



 “What are you doing here Yagami? Who told you, you could come to this room?”Said Kanon. She was very angry. This is her secret. Yet, this Yagami, naively went into this very room. Obviously,Yagami saw her sick brother lying on the bed with other medical equipment in this room.
“I’m sorry Kimoto-san, I didn't mean to. I did knocked but I assumed you didn't hear me”

Kanon ushered him to the living room.

 “Kimoto-san I had to go now and I am sorry about earlier.”

Kanon didn't answer him but nodded.

 Yagami was very clueless. He tried to talk to her but she remained silent.

“Look, Kimoto-san, I don’t know why you angry with me. Whatever I did, I really am sorry” Said Yagami guilty.

But, Kanon stay silent.

“Ok then, I will be going now”

Yagami went out without looking at Kanon, afraid that he might do something that will make Kanon angry. 

I’ll apologize to her tomorrow. But I wonder what I have done actually.

That night, at Kanon’s house.

That Yagami, how dare he enter that room. I will kill him tomorrow.


“For the last time Kimoto-san, I am very sorry.”

But still, no answer from Kanon.

Yagami did everything he could. When the recess bell rang, he stands up from his seat and dragged Kanon to the rooftop. Their classmate were talking and whispering. Well, who wouldn’t, the popular girl Kanon and the creepy Yagami. Sounds like weird couple. Yagami took the risk.

“Kimoto-san I will do anything to make you forgive me. Anything” begged Yagami.

Kanon grinned.

“Anything you said”

She pulled a piece of paper

“What is this?”asked Yagami.

“You said, you will do anything right?” Kanon smirked.

That afternoon, Yagami went to Kanon house. He was panting and sweating. He cursed in his breath. I am not going to do this anymore. This is crazy.

He knocked on the door.

“Welcome back Yagami”

Yagami slumped on the floor and handed the plastic bag to Kanon. His hand was shaking.

“Please don’t let me do that anymore”he said.”Those plump obasans were like monsters. I don’t know how I manage to grab those eggs. They pushed me. Kimoto-san, please I am very sorry.”he bowed on the floor; begging.

Kanon patted his head.

“Nice work Yagami”said Kanon innocently.”I was going to go to market but Takayangi-san insist me to help her with her work. At the same time, that sale was so cheap, so I don’t to miss that cheap eggs”Kanon laughed lightly.

Yagami was amazed. How can she go to that crazy sale with her small body? She is scary.

“Come in Yagami-san, I made you curry”

Yagami’s eyes were shining. Finally!

“This is delicious Kimoto-san, I am so happy”

He looked like a little boy, eating his food happily.

“Yagami-san, why are disgusing? You looked different at school but when you are outside, you are like another person. Why is that?”

“You know the rules, Kimoto-san. Our school doesn’t allow their students to do a part time job. I have this thing that I do when I’m not at school.”he said quietly.

“and…. What is it?”

“I work at the nearest club in this neighborhood.”

“Are you a host?”Kanon was shocked.

“Hahaha, this is why I don’t let others know what I do. They often misunderstand the situation. Of course I work at a club but I am not a host. I play saxophone and piano there.”he said and smile.
“So, are your parents poor? I am sorry if I offend you Yagami-san”

“No, no, they own a bakery near the station. I work at the club, so that maybe some people will recognize my talent. Kimoto-san you know that I am not that good in academics. I think, I am going to work hard in music. Maybe this where my future is going to be.”

Then, Kanon’s phone beeping. She ran to her brother’s room and doing her work. After a while she went out to the living room. She found Yagami sitting on the couch.

“Who is that?”

Kanon didn’t answer. She clenched her fist then she sighed.

“He is my brother. He involved in an accident years ago. It was fatal. He did recover but he cannot move his body. My father did everything he could but still there is no cure. At the same time…”Kanon stopped and held her breath.”At the same time, my mother was having an affair with that man. She lived with him since then” 

Kanon sat on the nearest chair and closed her face. Yagami didn’t dare to move or doing anything.  He was trying to give Kanon some space to spill out everything that she hold in her heart.

“I don’t want to share this thing with my friends. I don’t want them to pity me. And I had to maintain my status. And…” Kanon cried, losing her courage to speak.

Out of sudden, Yagami hugged her. He comforted her and squeezed her shoulder.

“It’s okay Kimoto-san , I am here. You were strong. You’ve done very well. Please let me share your pain.”
Kanon stopped crying. As if his words, were the things that she had been waiting all this time. A comforting words. And a hug.

Yagami smiled at her. The sweetest smile Kanon ever seen. He is so cute.

“I am sorry Kimoto-san, I am going to work now. See you tomorrow at school.”
He picked his bag and put on his shoes. Kanon stepped beside him.

“Thank you, Kumi”she said and called him by his surname.

Yagami stopped and raised his head at the sound of his name coming from Kanon’s mouth. He looked at Kanon, trying to make sure of what he heard. Kanon wiped her tears and looked back at him. He smiled.
“You’re welcome Kanon”he patted her head and left.

Kanon smiled at his touch. Something is growing inside her. Something that is very pure. A new secret that only she know. Not her friends and not that boy.

Random Picture

Thursday, December 12, 2013


A long-hair girl walks into her office. She feels exhausted from her tutorial.  It has been a very full schedule this week. 

I need rest

She noticed a strange thing on her desk. A wide white envelope sits quietly on her desk waiting to be open. She curiously tears the top end and took the hard paper inside. There were two paper inside, a folded paper and a ticket.

What is this? A ticket? Uirou Band? What a weird band.

She opened the folded paper.

“Do you remember our dream?”

She stared out the window, as she traveled inside her memory.
A precious memory of a very dear person whose name carved in her heart for a long time.

That girl

Ten years ago, she stood there crying because that dearest person left her. She left her with a short letter saying,” I am sorry I’ll be back to fulfill our promise. I am sorry I left you without consulting you about me. Wait for me…’

“Why did you leave? Baka!”

She crying endlessly reminiscing their memories under the sakura tree here where they always hang out together and took tons of pictures. We were always laughing without reason.

 I guess there was no reasons to cry because of you are always by my side.

At the beginning of the semester, we were strangers. I was sitting in front of the class. Well, a typical girl who was very quiet. I am trying not to communicate with other student because they are distraction to me to pursue my dream to a higher education. I always want a better life after high school.

However, you were sitting at the back of the class. You were always staring blankly at the window with the earphone. As if you were drowning in your own world. Sometimes you were always caught sleeping during class. Until this day, I wondered, why I remembered every detail of you even we were stranger but yet, there is no answer. Maybe someday, I will find it.

I studied very hard to achieve my goal. A lot of teacher praised me and I was recommended to a first class university. Yet, there were some people who envied me.

That morning, as usual, I was walking to class. Those trio gangs were waiting for me. There were smirking as if I was disgusting.

“Hey Kimoto, where is your desk now? I don’t see it around here,” said the leader.

“Wait, I think I saw it at the store room with the old things, “said the second girl.

“Maybe you can study there comfortably with the things there, “said the third girl with sarcasm and followed by all laughter from the whole class.

I cried then I ran to the store room to fetch my desk. When I found my desk, there are many harsh words written on it.I cried harder and slumped on the dirty floor. I don’t want to go back to the class. I felt humiliated and alone.
“Stop crying, it is not helping you,”

I turned around and trying to find that voice. It was very gentle voice and very soothing.

“Why don’t you wash your face and I’ll help clean your desk. We will go to the classroom together, “you said calmly without looking at my face.

I nodded and obeyed like you had cast magic on me. I went back to the store room later then I saw you yawning and stretching. 

“I am sorry to disturb your sleep, “I said and bow.

‘It’s okay, actually I hid my guitar here so that Akimoto-sensei won’t take it again “you said and smile happily.

I blushed when you smiled.

“So cute”

We returned to the classroom after we were having difficulty dragging the desk on the way to the classroom and apologizing every time the teachers scolded us in the hallway.

“Hey Yagami, what are doing?” said the leader arrogantly.

"What did you say?"

"I said why are you doing? Why did you help this helpless girl? You don't want to spread your stupid virus to her, you know"

You dragged the desk across the classroom and slammed it on the leader’s feet.

“Ouch!”She said and tears fell on her cheek while trying to endure the pain. 

Her two followers stood up to defend but you picked up the desk and threw it to the end of the class. Everything turned quiet. They don’t dare to make a move. They felt the killing dark aura around you. Soon the teachers came.

“What the hell happen here?”

He looked around and shouted, “Headmasters office now!”


 “You should have said the truth. You don’t deserve a detention, “you said while drumming your long fingers on the table.

“It was unfair. I was at fault here, “I said looking at you and smiled.

“She sure cannot stand and walk properly again that bitch,”

“Language Yagami-san” I snapped at you.

You glared at me and we burst into laughter. 

I hold her shoulder and squeezed it,” Thank you Yagami-san”

“You’re welcome and it’s Kumi,”you said and grinned.

“I am Kanon, yoroshiku”

After that incident, we became closer and immediate best friend. It looked unusual to people’s eyes; a delinquent and a top student. It was not well-matched.  We often had our lunch together at the rooftop and studying together. Actually, it was more like I was the one who studying and you were sleeping.

Sometimes you practiced your songs. I listened to your songs and encouraged you to keep practicing. I know it sounds selfish but you did not excel in academic and sport. Rather, you have passion in music.

tomo yo
omoide yori
asu wo shinjiyou
sou sotsugyou to wa
deguchi ja naku
iriguchi darou
tomo yo
sorezore no michi
susumu dake da
sayonara wo iu na
mata sugu ni aeru
dakara ima wa

Your songs gave me strength. Somehow, I had tried to encourage you to study. As usual, you gave me that silly grin and saying, “I got it Non-chan” and after that you stared blankly and fell asleep.

As time passed by, the entrance exam is getting near. Yuasa sensei called me to the staffroom.
“Kimoto-kun, what is this? I expect you to do better than this. This is bullshit,”said the beard teacher half-shouted.

I did not dare to speak.

“Stay away from Yagami-kun. She is a bad influence.”

 I stood in front of him. I clenched the hem of my skirt and wiping my sweaty palm and trying to wipe away the fear of what coming. I was right. Sensei scolded me. All my grades were not good. As in, not applicable to the first class university I was trying to apply for.  I hold the paper and rumpled it.

I regretted everything. I knew what the cause of this. It was you. However I was trying to find another reason. Still, the reason was you. I made up my mind. I will talk about this and tried to consult this thing with you.

During lunch time, I couldn’t find you. I searched for you. I ran to the rooftop. I ran to the sakura park. I still cannot find you. I gave up. I was guessing you were practicing with your band and skipped school. I returned to the classroom trying to focus and forget about you.

Kumi, you are a bad influence. Then, my heart ached.

That afternoon, I had a committee meeting. I sent a resignation letter to the student president and told him to find a new replacement. 

I returned quickly to the classroom to fetch my bag. Then I saw you sitting on my chair. I knew you were waiting for me. I slammed my hand on the table. The pain lingered through my knuckle.

“What are you doing here?” I shouted.

“I was waiting for you “she said.

“From today, I don’t want to see you again. I don’t want to hang out with you anymore. You are a distraction!” I said it. 

She smirked at me.

“That’s good. Just now,I went to the headmaster office to tell him that I am going to quit. I am not like you Non-chan. I am an idiot. As you said, I am a bad influence”, she said in trembling voice.
I was surprised. If you quit school Kumi, I won't see you again.

“But Kumi....”

“Are you satisfied? Non-chan you have your wish. You won’t see me again” She said and walked away.
I was wrong. I cannot do it. I grabbed your hand. You were surprised by my action. There were tears on your face. My heart hurt. Don’t cry Kumi.

“I am sorry Kumi. Don’t leave me!”

You looked to the floor. Then you pushed me. I fell on the floor and you left

A memory flashed

“Non-chan, if I had a band, you will be my guest of honor.”
“Hahaha, what are blabbing about? Guest of honor?”
“Hey, don’t laugh at me. I am serious. You just wait okay?”
“Al right Kumi. I will wait then. Kumi, if I have graduated university and find a good job I am going to do something”
“What is that?”
“I am not telling you~”
“ Non-chan~~”
 We laughed together as we lied under the Sakura Tree, witnessing our silent promise to each other.
Kanon cried. Later that night, she tried to call Kumi but she cannot reach her. The next day, she went to Kumi’s house. Later, she found out that Kumi left to her hometown.

“Kanon-chan, Kuumin always talked about you.”said Kumi's aunt.

But Kanon remained silent.

“Actually, the day before she left, she was crying after she went to school. That same afternoon, she said she is going to quit school and she went to the school again to settle some problems. She said to me to give this letter to Kanon-chan.

,” I am sorry I’ll be back to fulfill our promise. I am sorry I left you without consulting you about me. Wait for me…

I ran to the Sakura Park and shouted, “Why did you leave? Baka!”

I knew you left because of me. You heard what Yuasa-sensei told me. You heard it all. You thought you were the reason. You thought you were a bad influence. However, you don’t have you leave me. After all you’ve done.  Then, I cried under the Sakura tree all day.

Present day…..

I picked up my bag and clutched the ticket in my hand. I ran all the way to the Nagoya Hall. Then, I saw your face. I meant your poster on the wall. I was overwhelmed and anxious. I wanted to see you. I wanted to hug you. The first thing I wanted to say was I am sorry.

I arrived at the venue. I am sweating, my hands numb. I am scared. I don’t know what to do. What if you leave me again after I meet you? What will you do? Would you forgive? Or are you trying to avenge me of what I did to you? All these questions running inside my head.  But for sure, I wanted to see you again.

“Excuse me miss, you are blocking the street”

I turned around. A familiar feeling went inside me after I heard that gentle voice.I saw you. You grinned at me like old time. 


I flung to you and hugged you tightly. As if you will disappear again from my sight. Then you squeezed my shoulder and patted my head.

“You are still a cry baby Non-chan”

The girls lied under the Sakura tree where they used to hang out years ago. The long hair girl stirred and touched the other girl’s cheek. The short hair girl opened her eyes and smiled.

“Non-chan, you have graduated and you found a good job. I remember you said you are going to do something, what is it?”

Kanon smiled. All of sudden, Kanon buried her head in Kumi’s chest. She couldn’t pull herself away and she dug herself deeper into her body. Kanon was waiting for Kumi to react, but she didn’t. Instead, Kumi pulled tighter, until Kanon’s cheek found itself against Kumi’s heart. Kumi’s scent smelt like this, so indescribably wonderful and addictive.

Kanon raised her head to look up at Kumi.”Your heart is beating very fast.”
Kanon saw Kumi blushed.

“Actually Kumi, I’ve always wanted to do that for a long time”

Kumi snorted,”No way, you already did that remember?”

Kanon scrunched her nose and then laughed.

“You know Non-chan, my heart is beating very fast and you can see my heart from my mouth” Kumi opened her mouth.
Kanon obediently looked inside Kumi’s mouth. She saw nothing. Before she could open her mouth to protest, Kumi leant over to kiss her. Kumi continued kissing her, stretching her tongue so far into her mouth. Then Kanon pulled away.

“Don’t you like it?”


“I am sorry Non-chan”A feeling of disappointment rushed into Kumi’s face.

“How dare you Kumi, that was my first kiss”

Then, Kanon leant to Kumi and kiss her in the mouth. A sign to answer Kumi’s question and wiping the disappointment and growing smile at Kumi’s face.