Monday, August 5, 2013

Our Secret - Chapter 1

Everyone has a side that they don't want other people to see. A side only themselves know. Their secret.

"Ohayo Kanon"

"Ohayo Kinchan"

"Did you you finish your homework?"

"Yup, it’s finished"

"Lemme borrow yours, I just wanted to make sure mine is correct"

"Sure Kinchan"

Kanon face palmed. She knew Kinchan haven't finished her homework. Well, judging from her eyes and her bed hair. Kanon sighed and helped Kinchan with her homework.

Kimoto Kanon is in 3rd year of high school. She is good looking and she has a cute dimple whenever she smiles.She is popular among her friends. A lot of boys in her school confessed to her but she rejected all of them and nobody knows why.



"You dropped your book"

Kanon looked at the floor and pick up her book.

"Thank you Yagami-san"

Kanon glanced at Yagami who was sitting at his table and wearing his earphone, ignoring other people looking gloomy and cold.

"Don't you think he looked kind of like a delinquent” said Kinchan

"Why is that?"

"His hair is very long which covered most of his face. He wears those big glasses on his face. Maybe he is an Otaku. He looked creepy"

"I doubt he is a bad guy. He is more to nerd and otaku. But I agree with him being creepy” Said Kanon.

"He sure is creepy. Want to join Umechan and others later shopping?" Kinchan asked.

"Uh... I am sorry Kinchan. Maybe next time" Kanon said and smile.

"Well, please come with us next time, will you?"

"Ahahaha, I will try Kinchan"

However, Kanon never join her friends shopping, karaoke or hanging out with her because she had this secret that she didn't want other people to know.

Kanon went home straight after school. She changed her clothes and cleaning her house. She is doing the laundry and she made dinner. Well, its about time for her to do this thing.She went to the bedroom next the kitchen with a porridge and a glass of water. She put the food on the table lamp.

"Hi there brother, time to eat dinner"said Kanon.

In that only room is Kanon's big brother. He was lying on the bed with his eyes open unable to move. Kanon smile and fed her brother carefully. When she is done, she helps her brother to a wheelchair and led him to the living room. This is the reason why she didn't join her friend. She had to take care of her brother.

Her brother was involved in an accident years ago. His injury was fatal and he recovered after he did an operation. But he is still unable to move his body. After the incident Kanon's father went to oversea to find cure and at the same her mother was in an affair with another man and she lived with him. Her father knew about this and rarely come home. Though, Kanon's mother still visit her son. Since then, Kanon took care of her brother and acted as a housewife for the sake of her family. Hoping that one day, they will return like how they used to be.

That afternoon, Kanon went grocery shopping. She bought a very large amount of food because next month they are having exam, She doubted she had time for grocery shopping while preparing for the exam. The things were very heavy and Kanon was having a hard time on her way home.

"Okay, I am near home now. Yosh!"

Kanon didn't realize that she stepped on something and she fell. Her things were scattered on the ground. She tried to stand up but it seems like she twisted her ankle.

"Ouch, thats hurt" Kanon mumbled.

"Are okay miss?"

"I am not" she said trying to hold the tears.

"Where do you live? Let me help you" the boy said.

"I lived around here.... There's my house" Kanon pointed her house to the boy

That boy nodded. He picked all of the scattered things and hurried to Kanon's house. Kanon was amazed.

Who is that? I haven't see before. Maybe he just moved here.

Few minutes later, the boy came.

"Here let me help you, Kimoto-san"

Kanon was very surprised. How did he know my name? She glanced at him. (That boy didn't realize that Kanon was looking at him, he was too busy helping Kanon) Kanon was sure, she doesn’t know him but he had a very beautiful eyes. Those eyes were beautiful.

They finally arrived at Kanon's house. The boy carried Kanon to the living room. (It was very difficult for Knaon to take off her shoes)

"Erm... Thank you..." said Kanon staring at the floor. She didn’t dare to look at the boy. She was afraid that the boy will notice her blushing face.

“You’re welcome, Kimoto-san”

There was an awkward silence between those two.

“Do you need anything else, Kimoto-san?”

“Actually, how did you my name?”

“Of course I know you Kimoto-san, we’re classmates, aren’t we?”


“I am sorry I don’t recognize you”

The boy laughed. “I am Yagami”


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