Sunday, August 4, 2013

Love is blind - Chapter 2

During lesson Yuria kept thinking about earlier incident. Her head kept on thinking about Kumi.

"Yuria, I love a girl"

Yuria tried to ask Kumi who the person is but Kuwabara interrupted. Her question still hanging. Yuria cared about Kuumin. She cared for her dear best friend.

A lot.

Kuumin's statement was like a bomb in her head. Yuria realized for the past few days, Kuumin was acting very strange.  Maybe Kuumin thought that her attitude is unnoticed but Yuria saw it. Yuria knew if Kuumin was thinking about something, she ended up thinking about it all night. For the result, Yuria had to wake her up. Honestly, Yuria felt lonely.Kuumin should share her problem with her.

They were best friend.


They are still best friend.

But still......

Yuria sighed for the nth time. She lied on her table trying to figure out who the girl is. She is angry. Very angry. Wait, is this jealousy? Hell no! Why should I? I am Kuumin's best friend. We knew each other since we were little.                   


Kuumin tilted her head and poked Yuria head. Yuria turned to the source of that voice.


"Lets go, Yukko and Ogi-chan are waiting. Wake up sleepy head"

"Hai, hai....Look who's talking"

"What are thinking Yuria? Stop frowning, I hate that. Where is that cute smile?" Kuumin said and grinned. Yuria smiled. Kuumin smiled back and held Yuria's hand and led her to the rooftop where they will be having their lunch together with the others.

It is common for the rest of the school to see Kuumin and Yuria walking and holding their hands. Some people will misinterpreted their action. Whispering and talking behind their back. Yuria did talked to Kuumin about it but Kuumin will laughed it out and said,"Let them be, they're jealous"

"Yo, what took you so long? Come on, the food are waiting to be eaten."Yukko shouted and holding her rumbling stomach.

"We are coming," said Yuria and sat beside Ogi-chan.

Both Kuumin and Yuria sat and started to eat their lunch. They chatted and laughed together. Yuria forgot about her problem and enjoying her time with her best friends.

"Maybe, this is not the good time, I will ask Kuumin later or tomorrow"

Kuumin glanced at Yuria.

"Did you said something Yuria?" Kuumin asked while holding her chopstick.


"What are you two lovebirds whispering about? Come on share it with us!" Yukko teased and Ogi-chan laughed at the statement.

"Shut up Yucchan, eat your lunch before I eat yours" scowled Kuumin.

"Someone is angry, I am so scared. Yuria help me~~" Yukko said and start giggling.

"Stop Yukko, eat your lunch the class will start soon." Ogi-chan interrupted them and smacked Yukko's head.

"Yea, listen to Ogi-chan and eat your lunch quickly Spanish girl" Kuumin added.

Yuria facepalmed and ignored the situation. She didn't disliked it but rather she like it. She will only enjoy eating her lunch while listening to others. She faces this everyday, Kuumin tries stealing Yukko's lunch, Yukko smacking Kuumin's head with Ogi-chan trying to stop their fight. Yuria always laugh at Yukko's joke, Kuumin doing funny faces.

Ogi-chan acts like mothers while Yukko and Kuumin like sisters who are always fighting, Yuria is like their younger sister. They are sort of like a family.

The bell rang. The class has started.

During class Yuria received a messege from someone. Someone she knows very well.

"Lets meet at the cafe near the station"

Who sent this this!?

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