Thursday, October 25, 2012


"Ne, Yukko i don't know this one," Kuumin cried for the nth time.
"Which one?"  Yukko leaned nearer to Kuumin. The distance between them is just centimeters away, Yukko could smell Kuumin's body scent which make her blushed. Her imagination is just....She tried to calm down. She's glad that Kuumin didn't see her face.

After sometime they manage to finish their homework; actually it Kuumin's. Almost half of her work is assisted by Yukko or done by Yukko.

Kuumin slammed her head on the table. "I'm tired"

"Tired?! Seriously, you only had done 2 out of 50 questions. Did you use your head for the 2 simple questions?"

"Well.... it's very difficult" Kuumin scratched her head.

Yukko tried to say something but....

"Yukiko, can you help me bring this tea to Kumi-chan" shouted Kinoshita-mama from downstairs.

"Okay, I'm coming"

Yukko looked at Kuumin who is staring at her with a pout.

"What’s with your face?"

"I'll miss you Yukko. Don't go too long”, said Kuumin with a sad face.

Yukko smirked at Kuumin's word and hit her head lightly.

"Stop it Kuuchan, I'll be right back"

Yukko went down to the kitchen. Her mother is cooking for lunch.

"Say Yukiko, you are moving on don't you?"Her mother said in undertone so that only Yukko could hear her.

"Moving on?"Said Yukko."Haha, what are you trying to say?"

"It's Kumi-chan now eh"

Yukko confused.

"Are you trying to say that I like Kumi?"

"I didn't mention anything about that”, her mother said."You said it yourself Yukiko"

Wait. Did I?

Kinoshita-mama smiled at her daughter.

"I'll be going out for a bit. Take care of the house and..." Kinoshita-mama beckoning her eyes to Yukko.


Her mother laughed at her.

"Be a good girl."

Her mother pinched Yukko's nose and left.
Yukko scrunched her nose. Her mother always treated like that. Even though she's 18 already.
Yukko went upstairs.

Then she saw Kuumin was asleep on her bed. She put the teapot on the table.


"Wake her up or let her be."

Yukko sat beside her bed. She looked at Kuumin's face. How can someone be so beautiful when she asleep. Kuumin face is very calm and soothing. Her hair is so smooth. Yukko's eyes moved to Kuumin's lips.

"It's Kumi-chan now eh."

She remembered her mother's word.

Honestly, she did feel something. Something stirred within her. It happens whenever she's alone with Kuumin.

She looked at Kuumin.

Kuumin's lips.

"What should I do?"

Yukko turned her back. Sighed. She took her phone. She’s started to update her Google+.

Suddenly, Kuumin hugged her neck from behind.

"What took you so long Yukko?"Kuumin whispered at Yukko."I missed you so much."

Kuumin leaned on Yukko's shoulder. Expecting another hit from Yukko for playing around. Despite, Yukko decided to play along with Kuumin's game.

"I'm sorry, Kuuchan."said Yukko trying to hold her laughter."I missed you too."

Kuumin smiled. An evil smile.

Yukko turned to Kuumin. Then chuu~♥

Yukko turned red. Very red.

"Thats your punishment for leaving me alone, Yukko♥♥."

Kuumin smirked and laughed. She ran to the table and drank her tea. Feeling very happy.

Yukko face palmed.

"Kuuchan, how dare you!"

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